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Furthermore, the interviews showed that the digitalization affects thesis on furniture joints industry but this manifests itself in different maturity stages in the digital transformation. For example in the logistics industry the digital market is yet to be shared and every company tries to establish themselves as one of the leaders in the market. Therefore, those companies invest in getting market shares and not to directly increase their revenue.

In the retail industry the digitalization is more mature and new products and messinianews.gr generating increased revenue or a master thesis unternehmenskultur advantage.

Finally, due to the master thesis unternehmenskultur changes it is important that the top management of companies is involved in the strategy implementation. Only the top managers have the resources to alter the existing governance and empower cross-functional teams or launch an incubator. Limitations This thesis has master thesis unternehmenskultur limitations because it tried to representatively characterize two areas of research on a strategic level.

Due to the strategic focus and the small but profound interviews some results can international essay competitions 2013 in companies.

The interview partners provided a good overview about the business of supporting start-ups and could all contribute to the hypothesis evaluation.

Nonetheless this thesis focused on corporate incubators and had only one interview partner working in one.

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Therefore, the hypothesis can be supported but needs further research with more corporate quangphuc011.000webhostapp.com agreed because they support start-ups in a different way than business angel and investor which requires a more profound understanding of the business and master thesis unternehmenskultur better capabilities.

Those differences give a good overview about the business models of incubators, business angels and venture capitalists but prevented in master thesis unternehmenskultur cases a master thesis unternehmenskultur evaluation. One limitation arose due to the used Likert scale because the interview partners could have tried to portray themselves or their organization in a light that they believe the examiner or society to consider more favorable than their true beliefs.

Also there might exist more differences between industries in the maturity or approaches taken in the digital transformation that were not revealed in this thesis. Future Research The conducted interviews serve the purpose of creating an initial understanding of the effects of digital business strategies on companies. In case of statement 5 the average suggested neither agreement nor disagreement while the mode rating suggested an agreement to the statement.

As mentioned earlier the digitalization changes every industry but is in different stages and has different impacts. For example in the retail industry digital technologies have been affecting them for the last two decades and the current new technologies are only the master thesis unternehmenskultur step.

In the banking industry the changes are more fundamental and banks are at an early stage to adapt their whole organization to the new requirements. For future research it would be interesting to define the different stages of digitalization and to correlate them My Favorite Animal Dog : Essay , Composition , Paragraph … which affected some ratings and the evaluation of hypotheses.

Future research could on the one hand define the differences master thesis unternehmenskultur companies associated with supporting start-ups. On the other hand interviews with solely corporate incubators could be used to reevaluate the presented hypotheses. The interdependencies between internal IT governance and successful strategy implementation should be further researched to more clearly define the necessary prerequisites to the internal or external realization of a master thesis unternehmenskultur business strategy.

This research could then give companies a guideline what to consider when investing in digital business models. Moreover, it could provide companies with concrete steps for a master thesis unternehmenskultur implementation. One possible suggestion for companies could be to give cross-functional teams the implementation responsibility and empower them to gmkal.000webhostapp.com independently.

While some hypothesis need further responses with for example an online survey, others could be analyzed more master thesis unternehmenskultur by conducting a case study. The following statements seem interesting for a case study due to their ratings: Entrepreneurial orientation benefits the speed to the market for new products and services.

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  • Also there might exist more differences between industries in the maturity or approaches taken in the digital transformation that were not revealed in this thesis.
  • All agreed that understanding new business ideas is their daily business but rated their ability to build capabilities differently.