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The flood also damages railway lines and makes the running of trains impossible. Flood Relief Measures In time of flood the Government of India adopts various measures to alleviate the sufferings of the people. It arranges for both long-term and short-term relief. The short-term relief means immediate relief. This includes distribution of food, cloth, medicines etc.

Essay on Flood in Pakistan 2018 with Outline

The long-term relief means free distribution of seedlings, remission blog.mindo-consultants.com visits of floods.

We can do so by digging canals, by raising the level of river-banks and by putting strong dams across the rivers. All this requires great engineering skill and heavy expense. The worst affected people are those of poor and weaker sections of the society. Floods snatch away their very means of livelihood. So, floods do not spare anyone, whether poor or wealthy. In flood-affected areas, standing crops, livestock, people, villages and towns are swept away. Houses, huts, bridges, rail lines and roads, etc.

Power and electrical failures plunge entire areas in utter darkness. There is no drinking water, no food, no shelter during floods.

Floods in Pakistan Essay in English with outline

And then there might be visitations of famine and epidemics, if proper measures are not taken immediately.

Every calamity is a spur and valuable hint. Ralph Waldo, Fate Unfortunately for Pakistan, floods are an annual feature and so far we have not been able to tame our mighty rivers and solve the problem of floods. During floods, a huge amount of funds and money is required to start.

Liberal loans and subsidies are granted to the affectees. Food supplies are also dropped from the aeroplanes for the marooned essay on flood in pakistan with outline. They are rescued by boats and sometimes by helicopters.

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First, the news was brought that the water of the river had gone low considerably? The rivers get swollen. Both the extreme states are undesirable as they cause a great suffering and loss of lives and todocatering.es